Published On: Thu, Oct 1st, 2015

First OneDay International : Rizwan, Imad Propel Pakistan To 259



All-rounder ‘Aamer yamin’ performed great in his first match against “zimbabwe”. As ‘zimbabwe’ won the toss but decided to bowl first in the first one-day match which was in ‘harare’ sports club and this match was played on Thursday.

“Aamer yamin ” was replaced in the place of ‘Anwar ali’ just because He was physically not fit and wasn’t able to lead the Tour.

In this series ‘zimbabwe’ gives chance to ‘Brian chari’ to play his first match as He is a batsman and as well they also give chance to their off spinner and leg spinner ‘John Nyumbu’ and ‘Graeme Cremer’.

The three match series was ended in just two matches just because of tremendous performance of ‘Pakistan’ players ,They won the first two matches simultaneously.

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