Published On: Fri, Aug 28th, 2015

First Time Ever 1 Billion People Logged Into Facebook in One Day


If you are thinking that social networking giant Facebook is losing its popularity due to a competition given by other networking apps/sites, then review the facts because you are on the wrong side. 

55e042834e31bWould you believe, that one billion people logged in to Facebook in one day for the first time ever on this Monday, 24th August 2015, and Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg declared it a milestone achieved by this largest social networking website.

The total number of users of facebook have reached to 1.5 billion mark out of the 7 billion total population of the world, but not every user logs in daily so Zuckerberg called it a landmark achievement as it has happened first time.

The growing family of Instagram and instant messaging services like Whatsapp have established a generalization that facebook might lose its rule over social media, but it is not going down anywhere.

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