Published On: Tue, Oct 6th, 2015

Five Times Seth Rollins Amazed us with Spectacular Moves



It’s been no secret that Colby Lopez, known as Seth Rollins in WWE action but as Tyler Black in other promotions, has quite the moveset. Even though his Rollins character has been somewhat limited by his heel status, fans everywhere await the times when he will unleash one of his spectacular spots. Still, WWE has not completely caged him, as he’s had several opportunities to show fans what he’s capable of. Here’s five times that Seth Rollins has amazed the crowd with his in-ring ability.

#1. Seth Rollins Jumps From Out Of The Stands


#2. Seth Rollins Phoenix Splash





#3. Randy’s RKO On Seth 



#4. Superplex & Suplex Combo



#5. Seth Rollins Flying Elbow On Brock Lesnar


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