Published On: Sat, Jun 20th, 2015

Five Tips to Become a Good Actor



People always convinced by Hollywood and Bollywood movies and sometime they wanted to adopt that role which they have seen in one particular movie, it doesn’t matter that the movie is from Hollywood or Bollywood.

To become a good actor, one should have to work hard, be self motivated and person should have convincing power to accurately portray elements such as time and emotion to the audience.

If you want to become a good actor, in front of the camera or on stage, then you should follow these simple steps.

1. Knowing your Audience: Make sure that you should know your script and audience because no one wants an awkward person standing up there without any convincing power, he should hold audience attraction towards him. His emotion should reach every corner of the room or in the movie.


2. Self Motivated or Confidence: A good actor always be confident about his role to portray it accordingly, he should be able to create a rapport with the public. Immerse yourself in the character and always do preparations before the final execution.

Acting confidence

3. Strong Dialogue Delivery: Yes! It’s true, you should have a strong dialogue delivery with the dialogue and the music, you must act it out! Make yourself really interesting to watch, and make them want to watch more.

You should speak loud so that every person in the theater easily understood that what are you trying to say? Make sure that it sounds very natural, and not like that you are screaming.

4. Knowing your Character: Very Important! You should have to know your character or role and act accordingly to your character, because when you adopt character behavior than it’s easy for you to convey the emotion that influences target audience.


5. Professionalism: Be professional in every aspect of scenes, dialogues and characters. One should be highly professional in all situations.


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