Published On: Fri, Jun 19th, 2015

Five Ways to Keep Your Skin Hydrated In Ramadan


In the month of holy Ramadan, our skin usually get dehydrated by fasting, here we will tell you five simplest way to avoid dehydration of skin.

F11) Drink Plenty of Water Between Iftar and Suhoor Time

After the sunset till the time of suhoor, drink as much water as you can but avoid juices, sodas and tea/coffee. It will help you to keep your skin healthy and fresh.

F22) Must Use a Moisturizer

Due to avoiding water for some hours, your skin lacks moisture in this month that’s why using a moisturizer on daily basis is a must. Also focus on your eyes because dark circles appear prominently in this month therefore, keep an eye on your eyes and sleep for at least 8 hours a day.

F33) Avoid heavy Makeup this month

Heavy makeup in this month can be harmful for the skin that can cause skin breakout too. Just use sun block, moisturizer and lip lotions and be cautious to choose the products that are healthy for your skin type.


F44) Fix Sprays to keep skin cool

Fix sprays keep your skin cool and provide it the required hydration. In Summer’s Ramadan you should spray it on the face frequently to keep your skin fresh. Keep these sprays in refrigerators before use.

F55) Eat Snacks, and Vitamin Containing Food in Ramadan

After Iftar use foods that contain minerals and vitamins not those that have high fat and cholesterol. Use snacks, nuts, berries because these food provide nourishment and hydration to skin in Ramadan.

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