Published On: Mon, Jul 18th, 2016

Game of Thrones song in Pashto version


game of throns

The most recent Game of Thrones season may have ended but the craze of the audience has not ended yet. When the fantasy drama’s sixth edition was commenced airing, similar to earlier years, a number of artists globally start making their own versions of the renowned Ramin Djawadi-composed theme. Whereas a few went viral, making careers out of this incredible fandom, others were not just as fortunate.

Peshawar-based musicians who jointly call themselves Khumariyaan are a bizarre much. Initially, they are a band that does not possess a soloist. Subsequently, of late they have got much fame than most infiltrate musicians in the country. They are now going to give their own version of the Game of Thrones theme.

Sparlay Rawail, who is the band’s front man, has told that they did not desire to get on the bandwagon. He jokingly said “Had we been that coy, we would have put out two albums by now,” he added, “Basically we were just sitting in Ramazan, trying to figure out stuff for the upcoming album and we thought why not give this a shot.” The guitarist told that the aim is to make some interest in the band’s music prior to their album comes in stores.

He stated “No one has actually tried to make a rubab cover of this song,” he further added that the release is probable to come end July. The display, he added, is relatively Pashto. It was inquired to explain, Rawail replied, “Most Pashto compositions are in the seven-beat cycle. We wanted to do seven but it wasn’t working out well so we went with six. We have tried to retain the Pashto flavor with that.”

A combined project of Khumariyaan and ex-Qayaas member Sarmad Ghafoor, who has been much of a mentor for the band for rather a few times, the Game of Thrones theme cover may as well come with a video.

Whereas the entire four members of Khumariyaan have day jobs, the money put into the release has arrived completely out of the band’s kitty and not their pockets. Khumariyaan’s sound is much subsisted and improvisational and with the stable amount of gigs that they perform, they have been capable of giving their ardor for music. He stated further “We have been lucky in this regard. Mekaal Hasan says these days even big names do not get as many gigs,”

The cover will concurrently be lunched on music streaming stages Taazi and Patari and even Facebook. He said “We will put it out everywhere. The purpose is to make a build-up for our debut album.” He further added that “For this song, we might be able to recover some of the money through Taazi and Patari.”


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