Published On: Thu, Aug 13th, 2015

GCU denied admission to a Girl Just because of her Veil


LAHORE: The admission panel of Government College University, one of the oldest educational institute of Lahore, denied admission to a veiled girl just because of her veil despite she stood on merit and fulfilled the eligibility criteria set by university.

According to the details provided by the the victim of injustice Mehreen Shafaq (based in Islamabad) herself, she applied for Bsc. Hons. Applied Management, passed the test and was called for Interview on 6th August.

What happened next, Mehreen tells the story:

This Screenshot has been taken from Mehreen's Facebook Post

This Screenshot has been taken from Mehreen’s Facebook Post

Veiled Girl denied admissionThe girl also stated in her facebook post that one of the interviewer in the panel admitted that she is a good candidate but won’t be allowed to study there in veil.

But her name is no where in the Merit List published regardless of interview she gave in fluent English that was one of the requirements.

Mehreen’s story is now getting viral on social media and some people who know Najaf Yawar personally, are saying that it must have happened as said in the story.

However, still it is the one side of the picture because no official statement from GCU or from its director Najaf Yawar has come up for clarification in this regard.

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