Published On: Fri, Jun 3rd, 2016

Girl Fell In Love With Mother’s Facebook Lover; What Mother Did With Her Will Shock You


An extremely weird and hard to believe incident has taken place in Punjab which has shaken the relationship of a mother and her daughter, the most pious bond in the world.

A 17-yr girl’s body was found hanging from the fan in her home on May 23 in Abohar, Punjab and you’ll be shocked to know that police has arrested none other than the girl’s mother named Manju for killing her daughter.

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Yes, at first glance, it seems very difficult to believe how a mother can kill her own daughter whom she nourished with her blood for 9 months when she was in her womb and even after birth, took the best care of her. However, the revelations made by police in this connection have stunned everyone. Even more shockingly, Manju has confessed her crime.


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During investigation, police found that the accused fell in love with a guy, Vijay aka Sonu, who was half of her age on Facebook and when she insisted him, he even came to India from Saudi Arabia on December 27 and started living with her in her home since January 1. Meanwhile, Manju’s daughter Deeksha also fell in love with the guy which was unbearable on the part of the mother and what she did afterward will tremble your soul.


In an inhuman act, Manju killed Deeksha by hanging her from a fan. Next, she tried to give this murder look of a suicide but failed!

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It so happened that she throttled Deeksha with her dupatta and with the help of Vijay, hanged her from fan so as to make it appear a suicide case. Then the couple went out of home and when Manju’s 12-yr son came, he saw Deeksha hanging from fan. Later police arrived and disclosed shocking facts about Manju and her lover.


According to SSP Narendra Bhargav, Deeksha was an obstacle in Manju’s love affair which she couldn’t tolerate it and hence, murdered her. Manju’s husband committed suicide 3 years back and after that, she started living separately with her kids in Panj Peer Nagar. Vijay is basically from Haryana’s Rewari and got in touch with Manju on Facebook.

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About 2 months back, a love relationship formed between Deeksha and Vijay which was a reason of quarrel between mother and daughter. One day, Deeksha gave warning of suicide and not only this, she actually tried to take her life by swallowing some poisonous pills. However, she was saved but Manju made her write suicide note in which property was mentioned as the reason. On May 23, Deeksha wrote the name of Vijay on her hand with something which made Manju furious and she throttled her neck with dupatta. She did not have any regret or grief of Deeksha’s death.


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Even neighbors are in shock after this incident since Manju told everyone that Vijay was her sister’s son.

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