Published On: Tue, Sep 20th, 2016

Goher Mumtaz still misses Jal band members


Jal band is a distant memory for many people, but for Goher Mumtaz the band is that which has made him into who he is. It took some time and soul-searching but Mumtaz has at last confessed that Jal is very much a one-man-army now. Mumtaz was stating in an interview that “Two years back, I was touring Bangladesh when a fan came and said, ‘You’re very lucky to have continued a live music career after being disbanded.’ I totally agree with that as so many bands couldn’t survive without a vocalist and I am very lucky to see people still asking me to perform,”

After Farhan it was a humbling experience for Mumtaz and so has transmitted to television for bread and butter. Mumtaz further added “I don’t have an issue if I get gigs because of my screen presence. Maybe that is the case but it is highly unlikely,” he continued by saying that “As much as our industry is all about who offers the complete package, you can’t change the fact that it is the boys who make a concert and they don’t watch dramas.”


Mumtaz considers that things are a lot on the right track, the talented one like Salman Albert is leading it. Mumtaz added “I enjoy performing live, be it in India, Pakistan or anywhere else. To keep us relevant, we need to throw in more new music for more new fans.”

Mumtaz still misses the band’s members “I do miss the tours and the chilling sessions we used to have together but that’s about it,” he continued  “I used to do more than 80% of the work even then so when the band broke up, I didn’t feel any burden. I didn’t have to worry about where the compositions will come from. I love music and will never get bored of it.”


Later than Atif Aslam’s exit, Jal survived 12 years and Mumtaz is happy with that duration. For him, the collapse of the band is fraction of a larger crisis. He stated “Our society at large is getting more desperate with time and has started to ignore the bigger picture: we need to learn to be patient. I feel we are more concerned about the lives of others than our own,” he elaborated “Whether it’s a married couple or a play or a song, you just like to see what the other has and you don’t, and that’s poisonous. We need to support each other as individuals who are part of a larger music industry.”

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