Published On: Thu, Sep 29th, 2016

Google terms India as ‘Namak Haram’ country


KARACHI: In a hilarious turn of events, users one morning woke up to find Google turning up India as the ‘namak haram country’, sources report.

Wednesday morning, when users typed in the words ‘namak haram country’ on the tech giant’s home page, the search engine showed India’s tricoloured flag as the top result.

While some users are pointing fingers at Pakistani hackers, accusing them of having tampered with the algorithms of the website following heightened tensions between the countries, others have come up with a more plausible explanation of the apparent glitch.

Turns out Namak Haram is the name of a classic Indian drama movie and keeping with rules, when a movie’s name along with the word ‘country’ is typed into the search panel, the results reveal the country of origin and it’s flag at the top.

Hence when the words ‘Namak Haram country’ are typed in, the result shows India’s flag and place on the world map. –SAMAA

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