Published On: Thu, Sep 8th, 2016

Grandma stuffs 7 boxes of chewing gum down her skirt


Shoplifting grandma is forced to reveal she has stolen a whole shelf’s worth of goods and hidden them down her skirt (but how did it all fit?)

  • Video footage shows grandmother caught shoplifting in Mexico
  • Security guards force her to reveal where she’s concealed goods
  • And incredibly she’s managed to stuff boxes down her skirt

Shoplifters often come up with ingenious, if devious, ways of concealing their stolen goods.

But one grandma took things much further – by stuffing her stolen items into her skirt as she shoplifted at a store in Mexico.

Footage shows the sheepish woman being apprehended by security guards at a large store.


She begins to reveal the items she has stolen from the store, pulling them out of her skirt.

At first it seems that she has just one item – but before long she reveals bigger and bigger boxes.

Astonishingly, she reveals that she has stuffed two huge boxes of chewing gum down her skirt too. -2 -1

Eventually the woman says she has revealed all the stolen goods.

This is confirmed when security officers give her a pat down.
But the mystery of just how she managed to fit so much down her skirt is never revealed.

Courtesy MailOnline

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