Published On: Fri, May 27th, 2016

Gravity-defying hair and deep blue eyes has made this Hawaiian baby an internet sensation


After 2-month-old Isabelle rocked the internet with her unusually smart and full head of hair, here’s another internet sensation. 40 years on, last chance saloon for cars abandoned in Cyprus war

Meet baby Coral, another two-month old from Hawaii who has left the internet fawning at her deep blue eyes and gorgeous mane of dark ‘gravity-defying’ hair.For world records, Indian man removes teeth and gets over 500 tattoos


Imgur users couldn’t get enough of the baby girl’s unique hair-style and beautiful eyes and of course they went berserk with comments. Asia hotbed of IT piracy despite economic growth

While some who were jealous of Coral’s raven locks said “She has more hair than me”, others drew some accurate comparisons, “2 months and already got James Brown’s haircut,” one wrote. “Did you give birth to Rapunzel?” another asked.

Check out some adorable pictures of baby Coral below:


Coral’s life has been documented from the day she was brought home to her first walk – and her first trip to the beach. Check out the YouTube vlog run by her parents called Mike and Drea.

Her parents Michael and Andrea Rader who run a Vlog on YouTube about their life in Hawaii, posted this adorable picture of baby Coral on Imgur and it has attracted close to a million views.

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