Published On: Sat, Jan 16th, 2016

Gym is used as a hook-up venue: study


Most of the people want to be fit and good looking and for this they may join neighborhood gym but a new research study has revealed that this is not the only reason for joining a gym. According to a new survey, most of the people who hit the gym have sex on their minds.

The results showed that whereas half of the participants employed the gym as a hook-up venue, a quarter of them confessed to having sex at the health facility, it was reported, citing the online poll from high street sex shop Ann Summers involving 2,000 adults.

The results illustrated that almost 25 percent of participants confessed to having had sex at their gyms at a few point during their membership.

An Independent report illustrated that approximately 70 percent of women confessed to fantasizing regarding their personal trainer during sex.

Even those who were not that lucky to find someone for “hook up” were, at least, hoping that something might happen.

Although the survey was conducted in India.

The report further revealed that “Sixty-six percent of people cited the very possibility of sex at the gym and one in 10 people brought condoms in their gym bags just in case,”

Some people inspired by the atmosphere at the gym to use online dating, with 82 percent stating they had used these kind apps at the gym.

Some earlier studies exposed that exercise spikes levels of serotonin and dopamine chemicals.

Serotonin and dopamine are chemicals produced in the brain — neurotransmitters — that improve mood and boost the libido.

Serotonin, which is formed by long-term cardio exercise, enhances agreeable social behavior whereas dopamine recovers your mood and long-term memory.

Cardio exercise forms enlarged serotonin stages when done to the point of physical and possibly mental fatigue, elucidated researcher JM Davis in an article that appeared in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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