Published On: Wed, May 18th, 2016

Hadiqa Kiani’s upcoming album


Hadiqa Kiani

Hadiqa Kiani is the top Pakistani pop singer. After Pakistan’s eminent singer Nazia Hassan, she is an impact on the country’s music scene. After almost two decades in 2016, she is going to launch her sixth album, although the first album was Raaz.

The singer has always had a liking for taking up challenges, whether it is the experiment with her hairs by chopping off 16 inches of her hair into a pixie bob or testing with the music. Her imminent album, she revealed, will have a diverse composition and will be “organic and pure” sans electronic music. She stated in an interview as “It is not purely Sufi but the lyrical value does revolve around Sufism. It mainly has a folk and cultural touch to it,”

The ‘Pop Princess’ elaborated that why she in person doesn’t favor the title. She added, “For whatever reason, maybe my attire or litany of pop songs, there is this perception about me of being only a pop singer when in real I am mainly known because of my folk songs.”

She continued that most of her albums characterize songs which are stirred by folk music, for example, her ever-popular tracks Manne di MaujBoohey Barian, and very latest, Janan, which was a Pashto duo with Irfan Khan.

Fans are very responsive of the verity that Kiani has been performing hide and seek with the music industry more than the past decade. She revealed that each time something negative occurs in the country, the music industry gets the major blow. She stated that “Shows get cancelled and it doesn’t feel right to sing but at the same time dramas are being recorded and fashion shows keep taking place. I suffered during the prime of my career [because of this].”

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Though, she is determined to confront the circumstances and work for releasing now one more album at the spell when people are selecting to release singles only. She said “I can’t waste another seven years of my life,” she added “I have a passion for music and for my own satisfaction I felt like I need to get music out to the public.  We can’t wait on record labels to just come up, or channels to start caring about Pakistani music again. We, as artists, need to simply create content and put it out.”

She also favored the TV serial Udaari controversy and stated that “When I was told about the purpose it [the OST] will serve and then when I heard the song, composed by Sahir Ali Bagga, I was completely sold,” she continued as “The subjects that are brought up in the drama are incredibly important and need to be highlighted.  Child abuse and similar social issues that we see daily are too often covered up; we cannot afford to neglect them anymore.  This drama is proving to be an important discussion starter in Pakistani homes, we need to educate our children to protect them and show the hidden, bitter truths of our society.”


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