Published On: Thu, Jul 7th, 2016

Half-naked women drenched in ‘blood’ protest against ‘horrific’ bull festival


In Spain, a group of women stripped to their underwear and drenched themselves in blood recently. This was a part of a protest against how bulls are treated in Spain.

The protest was organized by animal rights group PETA and Spanish animal-protection group AnimaNaturalis. 75 women gathered outside the town hall in Pamplona for the cause.

The video showed the women who were wearing nothing but underwear and horns and then they pour fake blood over their head.

The protest was held before Spain’s annual Running of the Bull festival began.

One Irish woman took part in it because she felt disgusted about the way these bulls are treated.

“Torturing and killing animals can never be justified as entertainment. We’re calling on Spain to end its widely condemned Running of the Bulls event and the bullfighting that follows and with the, the horrific suffering and abuse of bulls,” told Jacqueline Joyce, 27, to The Metro.

The annual festival sees a group of raged bulls being released into the streets and seekers try to outrun the animals.

A report states that 15 people have been killed during the festival.

The festival usually lasts for a week and bulls are released every morning at 8.

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 News Source Deccan Chronicle


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