Published On: Wed, Mar 30th, 2016

Hameed Sheikh is suffering for misconceptions



After the recent deadliest terror attacks, the government is airing numerous wakefulness messages on television to advising citizens to stay attentive of mistrustful actions in their surroundings.

Whereas depending on archival footage is a usual practice in the industry, a video characterizes Quetta-based artist Hameed Sheikh in handcuffs, “implying his association with terrorists”.

An obviously annoyed Sheikh shared that he had been bashed by it in a interview. The Moor star asserted that “This is ruining all 30 years of my hard work and contribution to Pakistan [as an actor],” though Sheikh is now to watch the mosaic himself, he noted that how he had been reached by various associates of the amusement industry, detailing him of this misrepresentation. He declared that “I only got to know about the video through friends and co-workers. Sajid Hasan called me and told me about the video. Then others such as Ahsan Khan and Rashid Khawaja also corroborated the news,”

Formerly the actor discovered regarding the event, he instantly become on social media.  He stated as, “A government television commercial is showing my footage without my permission. Any idea how I can stop it?” Mourning how the related authorities had employed his pictures devoid of his permission, he continued as, “I had done that for a movie and it cannot be just removed from there and used elsewhere.”

Albeit Sheikh is certain of getting his image declared, he yet phrases the incident as a biggest hinder, not only for his future career, but for his private life as well. He revealed how he has selected to remain inside the boundaries of his house and is keeping away from going out for security concerns. He added that “I am not leaving the vicinity of my home because I don’t know how people would react after having seen that footage. Even my lawyer is going to come and meet me at my house,”

Sheikh is also trying to take legal action on this to sort things out. He continued as, “First, I will ask the concerned authorities to remove the video, following which I intend on suing them for defamation.’’


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