Published On: Wed, Jul 27th, 2016

Hamza Ali Abbasi criticizes Israel and Modi Govt



Hamza Ali Abbasi, the Pakistani heartthrob’s Facebook ban has been lifted up later than three days. Hamza Ali Abbasi has returned to the famous social media on Tuesday with devastating criticism in opposition to the Israeli and Indian governments, calling them both Zionist.

Hamza stated in his recent post with a blatant criticism “We can standby the truth and tell them that Bush is a terrorist, Blair is a terrorist, Israel, and Modi Govt are both Zionist terrorists,”

Hamza Ali Abbasi:

Dear Facebook, thank you for lifting the ban. The likes of Mark Zuckerberg and west is trying to define for us that who is & is not a terrorist. Either we can be slaves and agree with them that Palestinians and Kashmiris are terrorists and Israel & India are peace loving countries, or we can standby the truth and tell them that Bush is a terrorist, Blair is a terrorist, Israel, and Modi Govt are both zionist terrorists. Stand by Kashmir, speak for them, thats the least we can do.

The famous site of the social media had banned the actor’s personal account for three days for admiring Kashmiri rebel leader Burhan Wani.

He quoted by saying on Tweeter “My FB account deactivated for talking about Kashmir,”

Previously on Tuesday, Hamza’s account was for the short term disabled when he supported Wani stating the gunned down leader was not an ISI agent but a Kashmiri who had joined the rebellion later than his brother was slaughtered by the Indian army.

The artist, whose social media statements have made him ‘controversial’, stated his fans and followers to either turn slaves of “Mark Zuckerberg and the likes” or “stand by the truth”.

The eminent Pakistani actor stated by saying that “Stand by Kashmir, speak for them, that is the least we can do.”

Wani, the 22-year-old leader of the region’s major rebel group, Hizbul Mujahideen was slaughtered in a short gunfight with Indian forces on 8 July.

His death ignited conflicts in which more than 50 people have up to now been murdered and more than 3,000 people, involving almost 200 police officers, offended.

This is not the initial time when Hamza’s post had been detached. Previously in January 2015, Facebook detached his post on the Paris attack.

Nevertheless, in an exceptional apology, the website’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, confessed his team may have made a mistake, and for this reason apologized.



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