Published On: Sat, Mar 5th, 2016

Here is the `power of makeup’


No one can imagine the power of makeup but it sounds akin to an overdose of narcissism. Meet a woman who will enforce you rethink that assumption. Shalom Thom, who is twenty-year-old, also known as Shalom Blac is yet abuzz the internet by posting a picture of her face, half made up and half all natural. This splendor blogger who was left with blemishes on her face as a consequence of a mishap has a strong message.

“I am not beautiful because of make-up. I am beautiful because I accept myself.”

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Makeup shaming – A counter-campaign

Currently, Shalom is the toast of the Internet for her influential memo on self-acceptance but has unsuspectingly turned the champion for those who criticized the The Power of Makeup campaign. The shamers are also confused on their have their Makeup Shaming. The shamers also quarrel that women who hold make-up merely have this to mask their lack of self-confidence. The jokes also arrive yet sharing a half-selfies of Mike Tyson whereas the other half is that of “Canadian chick in her 20s,” with a mocking message that interprets, “I’m tired of all the  Makeup Shaming I’ve been seeing online lately and I wanted to weigh in on this important social issue.”

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Transformations –never mind the shamers

when you will see the Power of Makeup post you will not merely discover burn victims, but also find a few remarkable revolutions of transgenders and still a few attractive and cool effects arraying from fanciful to activist. In recent times, there was a range of vlogs that had women sit before the screen with half of their faces structured to excellence and the remaining half exposing their natural skin by the `fault and then factor how they obtained the accomplished gaze. What provides this campaign an additional blow is the detail that these women are making effort to undo the fallacy that makeup is to conceal lack of self-confidence. Instead, they desire to emphasize that they employ makeup to exhibit the acceptance of one.

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