Published On: Mon, Aug 29th, 2016

Here’s a website that shows if your favourite torrent website is down


Torrent websites are considered illegal, but there are legal torrents that are shared by many.

Did you know that there is a website out there that will give you information if your favourite torrent website is up and running or if it’s down for maintenance, or shut. The website
All Torrent Websites lists all the popular torrent websites found via Google, or suggested by users. The site monitors the status of each site in the list and informs you whether the site is down or offline. The website also tracks domain name changes of the popular torrent websites with the respective IP address and some more information.

Here’s a website that shows if your favourite torrent website is down

Torrents, or torrent files, are computer files that contain the metadata about files and folders that can be distributed over the internet. They depend on seeds and trackers which help multiple people share the said file over the internet, and with higher speeds. Torrent files are downloaded with torrent downloader software and many torrents out there today are well-known for piracy, be it music, movies, porn or computer software. While torrent websites are highly used by piracy kings, there are a bunch of users, including businesses that use the torrent platform for sharing legal files. Torrents are used by many development communities, which help them share alpha and beta releases with their followers around the world for testing. For example, there are many android developers on XDA Forums who share Android-based ROMs on torrents. However, since many have been using torrents for sharing illegal pirated movies and infringing material, torrenting has got a bad name.

Recently, the famous torrent websites, such as Kickass Torrents, was taken down after it was found that there was a lot of infringing material (pirated movies, music and pornography) being shared via the website. Because of such reasons, many other torrent-based websites were also affected.

Though torrents and P2P-sharing is totally legal, what is shared on the torrent and P2P platform is a major concern. Sharing personal files and official information using torrents are considered legal.

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