Published On: Fri, May 27th, 2016

Here’s What Bipasha Basu Has To Say About Husband Karan’s Previous Marriages


Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover had to face much criticism and were subjected to a number of jokes, trolls and mockery on social media after the couple made their wedding announcement. The reason for the same is pretty obvious; before tying knot with Bipasha, Karan got married twice and in Indian culture, it’s not considered very decent to get wed again and again.

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In the first post-wedding interview, the actress was questioned about her husband’s previous marriages and its effect on their married life.


This is what Bipasha replied when she was asked whether there are any shaadi ke side effects:- “It’s been less than a month since the wedding, so I’m guessing it’s too early for side-effects. Honestly, the two months before the wedding was strenuous for me, as I was the event manager for my own wedding. I felt no jitters absolutely; in fact, I had the best time of my life during those two days of the wedding. My mom said that I was like a hooligan of a bride. I am still reeling under the effect of the wedding. I was particular about every minute detail.”

Talking about Karan’s family (which is also her family now), the actress said, “Karan’s family is very accepting, and I had started talking to them on facetime long before the wedding. Over the last two to three years, his parents have seen him change as a person, for the better. He had a lot of baggage around him, but slowly the choices that he made for himself started changing and his parents saw him coming back into his own self again. It is like starting life from scratch. These choices require a lot of strength. I don’t take any credit for that.”

And even Karan Singh Grover has the best answer on his previous marriages and divorces so far:-

“It’s just that sometimes you drift away from your real self, and when your life is a little empty you fill it up with things you don’t want. Then you realise what your life is all about and all those things start changing. It takes a lot of effort and encouragement.”


And when Bipasha was asked her opinion over Karan’s previous weddings and their impact on her life, she gave a beautiful reply:-

It didn’t bother me and we spoke about it. I believe that everyone has a journey, and it is very easy for anyone to exclaim, “Oh…this is his third marriage, nahin chalega… divorce ho jaayega.” I tell people that you have to be in someone’s shoes to know their story and understand their journey.

She further added:-

This world is full of cynics, and thankfully, I have never been cynical no matter what has happened in my life. I have always been a believer. And Karan is like that, too. I feel I am lucky, as I live only for love. And no man has given me more love and respect than Karan. I might not be looking for the same thing in marriage, like others do. I have my own checklist, and I have ticked my boxes accordingly. And I believe you can’t judge anyone for their bad relationships. I have had bad relationships, and I could have been easily married twice. The relationship could have been as deep, but I didn’t fall into the legality and that is the only difference. You can’t condemn someone on the basis of a piece of paper.”

When Karan was asked whether he ever won an argument with Bipasha, the actor praised his wife, saying, “No! I have never won an argument with her, and I don’t try. There is no point. It’s not because she is better at it, but she is mostly right. It is irritating, but 99 per cent of the time she is right. I can argue and scream as much as I want, but at the back of my head when I know that she’s right, it is a pointless battle.”

Looks like this time, Karan has actually got a perfect life partner and we wish this Jodi never splits.

“Made For Each Other”!

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