Published On: Fri, Oct 14th, 2016

Historic mosques in Madinah to be renovated


MADINAH: Saudi Arabia King Salman has adopted the plan to renovate a number of historic mosques in Madinah, Prince Sultan bin Salman, head of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTNH), announced.

The renovations are an extension of ongoing efforts to renovate and revive a number of historic mosques through the Kingdom, he said.

According to Arab News, the announcement came during Prince Sultan’s speech at a workshop on the care and rehabilitation of historic mosques held on Monday night in Madinah, under the auspices of Madinah Governor Prince Faisal bin Salman, who is also chairman of the National Tourism Commission in the region.

The workshop was attended by Sheikh Abdulrahman Al-Sudais, head of the General Presidency of the Two Mosques, and was organized by the SCTNH in partnership with the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call, and Guidance and the Heritage Charity Foundation.

Prince Sultan also announced the establishment of a fund for renovation of historic mosques in Madinah that will allow every citizen to participate in the process.

He confirmed that King Salman has given great importance to historic mosques and has emphasized that any renovation projects launched in areas like Historic Jeddah, central Riyadh, and Historic Dariyah give considerable importance to the renovation of historic mosques.

“The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques — may God bless him — has given utmost importance to the care of mosques, and generally national heritage, as evidenced by the number of projects launched, such as Iman Turki bin Abdullah Mosque,” he said.

“These efforts confirm his belief that mosques are a path to history and a place for people to come together, as does the state’s adoption of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques project for care of the national heritage. The SCTNH also confirms its concern with historic mosques through its foundation of a program for care and rehabilitation of historic mosques as part of the Urban Heritage Center, and its partnership with the Ministry of Islamic Affairs in this regard.”


“The care and attention to historic mosques began in the era of founder King Abdul Aziz and has continued throughout the eras of subsequent leaders,” said Prince Sultan, noting that Madinah saw the first of these projects.

He expressed appreciation for the initiative of Prince Faisal bin Salman to support the renovation of Al-Ijabah Historic Mosque, as well as the initiative of the General Presidency of the Grand Mosque and Prophet’s Mosque Affairs to renovate a number of historic mosques in Madinah.

He also praised the donations of citizens and businessmen in Madinah to support the renovation of 14 historic mosques. He said the purpose and message of these efforts is not merely the renovations and rehabilitation of mosques, but rather to bring to life back to these historic mosques as central pillars in the community and to appreciate the role of these mosques in national unity.

Prince Sultan also highlighted other examples of efforts toward this cause, such as King Salman’s donation of funds and resources to renovate Al-Hanafi Historic Mosque in Old Jeddah, as well as his special support of the program to renovate mosques in Old Dariyah, which includes 34 mosques. He also referred to the reopening of Al-Shafie Mosque in Old Jeddah after completion of the renovation project supported by the late King Abdullah.

At the time, an announcement was made for establishment of a fund to support renovation of historic mosques in Jeddah, said Prince Sultan, noting that efforts are currently underway to renovate Al-Memaar Mosque in Old Jeddah at the expense of the King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Endowment.

He also confirmed efforts are underway to renovate Othman bin Affan historic mosque in Old Jeddah, in addition to a number of other mosques.

Prince Sultan urged citizens to participate in the renovation program, stressing the important role of these historic mosques in the community. “I urge citizens, on behalf of this country’s leadership, to participate in the renovation of these mosques, as statistics show there are thousands of mosques in the Kingdom that are abandoned and this is not acceptable to us as Muslims, as we must care for mosques before our own homes.”


The imam of Qubaa Mosque, Sheikh Saleh Al-Maghamsi, said in his speech that historic mosques in Madinah are unique and distinct in terms of their historic national identity, noting the ties of kings of this country to mosques and their attention and care of them as pillars of the community. He said care toward historic mosques is care and attention toward the Ummah.

Prince Sultan bin Salman has donated for support of renovation of two historic mosques, including Al-Anvaraf Mosque in Madinah and Al-Sakhra Mosque in Al-Ola, while Prince Faisal bin Salman also donated support to renovation of Al-Ijabah Mosque in Madinah.

During the workshop, a number of attendees also donated in support of renovation efforts. A cooperation agreement was signed between the Tourism Development Council in Madinah and the Madinah Development Commission to renovate a number of mosques. Fourteen mosques are set to be renovated, while work in another 53 mosques in Madinah will begin in line with available funding and support.

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