Published On: Tue, Feb 9th, 2016

Honey can prevent you from blindness


Honey is very beneficial for health and many researchers from the University of Manchester in Britain have discovered that the effect of honey employed since ancient times for the treatment of a number of diseases, on pathogenic fungi that can a reason for devastating infections in vulnerable people.

It was identified that there is a strong connection between Surgihoney, a medicinal sort of honey and the demolition of Fusarium, a fungus that can a reason for blindness or even death.

The researchers employed diverse attentiveness of Surgihoney, which is a biologically engineered honey that creates chemically hasty molecules holding oxygen, to check how effectual it could be in devastating the fungus Fusarium, which is discovered on plants and in the soil.

The research study further revealed that yet the smallest absorption had an important effect in collapsing the cell wall of the fungus, signifying its possibility as a future caring for patients.

Chronic infections, for example, those discovered in long-lasting injuries contain almost 60-80 percent of infectious diseases in humans and the way fungi assaults injuries is linked with the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics.

The researchers told that Biofilms, which is a thin layer of microorganisms, which set jointly, add to the harshness and belated curing of such chronic injuries.

Zain Habib Alhindi, who is a research student at the Manchester University, told in an official statement, that “Through my research I wanted to show the potential for honey as a healing agent to break through these biofilms and in doing so increase the process of healing. What I found amazing is that honey actually works better than some antifungals,”

The researchers further concluded that this research study has unlocked the door for further work on the use of honey for a lot of fungal infections and permitted scientists to take on diverse alternatives for treating a variety of superficial infections.

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