Published On: Fri, Jun 3rd, 2016

How deodorants alter women’s perception

Close up of a man applying deodorant, standing in bathroom.

Close up of a man applying deodorant, standing in bathroom.

A new research study stated that men who dress in deodorant are supposed to be much masculine by women, but this isn’t happening with those who previously have elevated levels of masculinity.

A research study by researchers at the University of Stirling in the UK has discovered that men who are supposed less in masculinity can considerably boost this by using deodorant.

The research study examined what influence dressing in deodorant has on evaluating masculinity and femininity. A lot 130 female and male contributors rated facial masculinity and femininity employing photographs and an additional 239 men and women rated odor samples of 40 opposite sex persons.

The research affirmed that females in a few ways seemed to be much sensitive or conscientious to odor prompts than males.

All women who were dressing in deodorant were rated as much feminine-smelling by men contrasted to the people who had no deodorant on.


Though, devoid of deodorant men rated by women with lofty and less facial masculinity got considerably diverse ratings of odor masculinity. So, once a deodorant was used these two clusters of men became identical in the name of their rated levels of masculinity.

Men who were less in face masculinity considerably elevated their odor masculinity by using a deodorant, but the extremely masculine men illustrated no boost later than deodorant application.

Caroline Allen, who is the leading author of the study from University of Stirling, stated that “We are all aware that fragrances are often marketed as being feminine or masculine,”

Allen further added that “Our study found that when women apply a deodorant it does increase their rated body odor femininity, as would be expected,”

She continued that “Though it seems as though something else is at play when it comes to male body odor and male deodorants,”

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She added that “Only those men who were rated low in masculinity to start with showed a significant increase after applying their deodorants, and the men who were highly masculine initially showed no increase after deodorant application,”

Allen continued by saying that “This means that men are able to use deodorant to artificially raise their game so to speak, leveling the playing field by making themselves comparable, at least as far as odor is concerned, to more masculine men,”

She further said that “Our evolutionary preferences have likely shaped this difference in fragrance design. The research findings show that we actually do not like high levels of masculinity which are often associated with aggressiveness and hostility, but we show no upper limit on our femininity preferences,”

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