Published On: Wed, Feb 3rd, 2016

How issue of food lead to marital indigestion


No one thinks that the diverse choices over meal can lead to marital indigestion and create so many differences between them.

There is an example of Mina and David who were when dating the things were well and they never paid attention regarding their choices of food and the eating habits of the partners during courtship.

But after their marriage things altered totally, although they had a maid to cook for them, but the concern of what would be there for dinner became a bone of contention.

Mina told that “I loved to have my healthy diet of soup and salad for meals and David was familiar with that. But he would insist that the maid cook a full non-vegetarian meal, which left her no time for my meal. I found that really unreasonable on his part,”

While David asserted that she was just moody about nothing, and he told that “A meal means proper meal. If she doesn’t need that, it doesn’t mean that I don’t need a complete meal. I am not to be blamed for her feeling upset about things,”

Experts say that the diverse attitudes regarding meal are apparently seemed innocuous; but they can create profound resentment in a healthy relationship. So they suggest that there should be a compromise or a mutually understanding regarding the issue so that a stitch in time can save nine later on.

Even in another case where the girl was fond of taking fresh juices and the boy considered it a huge expenditure which could be expended with.

He asserted that “I couldn’t understand how she could spend so much on just fruits and juices. With vegetable prices escalating by the day, there was a need to buy what we really needed and not indulge in such luxuries at the cost of a wholesome meal. For the same amount we could have bought mutton, chicken and eggs regularly and stay not just healthy but with full stomach as well,”

But she argued that “I couldn’t believe that I was being made to feel guilty and petty about what I wanted to eat. Even if it cost money, he should not have interfered since it was something that was so important to me. I began to see that money was more important to him than my needs,”

Experts say that it is very critical that couples consider food more important than a relationship. They suggest that it’s very essential to find a common ground, work out alternatives where both can have what they like and accept that both have different tastes.

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