Published On: Thu, Jul 21st, 2016

How Mahnoor Baloch looks young, revealed



No one from us thinks that anyone looks too young in their forties and here is one who looks too young at her old age and she is none other than Pakistani beauty Mahnoor Baloch.

Well, here is a spoiler for you: there is no magical elixir and the regime requires you to cut out all sugar from your diet, among other sacrifices. *gulp*


The 46-year-old Mahnoor Baloch, who is a Pakistani actress, model and film director and a Canadian national, made her TV acting debut back in 1993 with the PTV hit drama serial Marvi by Sultana Siddiqui. She has for all the time drawn concentration for looking younger than she is. In 2000, she commenced directing and producing her own drama serials and her initial serial as a director was Lamhay.

Most of the people took buzzing once more regarding her age-defying charming looks when images of her from a vacation previous year was began doing the encircling on social media

Stating about the pictures, the actress reveals that how truly she has held to make time stop.


Here is what you can do for her wrinkle-free skin


She let drop, “Always cleanse and moisturize before going to bed. Also, sunblock is a must.”

All right, then what is next?

Make smart lifestyle choices


The Mehar Bano Aur Shah Bano leading actress further stated that a particular lifestyle verdict she makes and maybe these continues her gazing so great.

And these are “Drinking plenty of water, having health supplements, and working out at least 30 mins a day, 5 days a week.”

A few of the supplements that she takes are Ester-C, alpha-lipoic acid,ashwagandha, magnesium and salmon oil.

She is the grandmother of one, extremely suggests meditation to de-stress and swears by yoga, weight-training and cardio.

Eat right

Food is very important which keeps you young and good looking ever.

She told that “I’ve cut out sugar, wheat, and processed foods from my diet,”

Her breakfast involves a vegetable omelette, joined with yogurt and a brown rice roti, pursued by a lunch holding of chicken, veggies with brown rice roti or brown rice. She proposes for employing coconut oil in food and quinoa.

She further continued by saying that if it makes you feel any better then, she states it is okay to eat sugar once in three months (but she stresses on the if).


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