Published On: Tue, Jan 26th, 2016

How the colors affect your daily life



Colors are the life because they have the ability to change your mood. They also have an impact on your emotional health and also the moods of those people who are around you. The hues of your outfit communicate your personality.

Here are some hues that can have effects on your daily life and on the job.


Navy blue color is believed one of the best colors to don on an interview. A survey was conducted of 2,099 hiring managers and the interviewees who were donning blue were thought team players. The shades of Blue color represent loyalty, confidence, and control. Mary Ellen Lapp, who is a color consultant, says that “Blue induces tranquility and relaxation,” she further continued that it’s no astonished that people feel the most comfortable in blue clothing. A research study conducted at the University of British Columbia revealed that people relate blue with candidness and peace.


Some people referred red color as dangerous one but you can go for it for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. A study was conducted and the participants were shown images of men and women donning a variety of colors and asked them that how much they’d spend on a dinner with the people in the images and they’d drop the most cash on the individuals wearing red. David Zyla, the Emmy-Award-winning stylist and author of The Color of Style, says that “Red has connotations of vivaciousness and someone in charge,” Red color has powerful effects on behavior.


Grey color has very energetic feelings. Some experts recommend that the color is fantastic delicate without being overly conservative or in-your-face. Lapp says that “Grey is a neutral color that doesn’t have a particularly strong effect on mood, except subconsciously,” Lapp further advises that “If you wear gray all the time, you may not be the happiest person after a while,”


It can be possible that if you wearing up purple than people will assume that you are an attention-seeker. Purple is the hue of royalty and that is the reason that it is hard not to notice. The shades of lavender and violet not often visible in nature and the color appear as artificial. In the past, this color was considered as the color of royalty and power. Lapp recommends that purple shades could induce discomfort. If you are going for an interview or meeting a new friend then try to stick to plum shades to signify a friendlier gaze.


Black specifies control, influence, and authority. This dark color is versatile: if you put it at a formal dinner, it is graceful and fashionable and when to wear it in the boardroom, it illustrates you are the boss. It is also the color of grief and sadness. It is also linked to aggressiveness. A study was conducted on sports teams revealed that players donning black jerseys get the most penalties but it is not clear that donning the color makes a player more aggressive or a cataleptic bias against black. It makes people sophisticated and mature and black also provides an air of mystery.


This is calming and reassuring color. Some research studies recommend that the tone denotes initiative and creativity. Green is also the hue of money and wealth. The latest research revealed that the green can also inspire a creative mood.


White is the hue of simplicity, transparency, incorruptibility, reverence, humility and security. It represents the elegance. Try it when you are going for an interview or a dinner with your beloved one. It definitely would leave a lasting impression.


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