Published On: Thu, Jun 18th, 2015

How to develop Love for Sports in your Kids ?



According to a scientific research from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children should get involved in a physical activity for at least one hour. And for that parents should develop interest or love for sports in the mind of their children in the early age.

Now the question is that how will the parents develop this interest or love for sports in their children ?

The first and foremost thing as a parent you should do is to take out your children for a physical activity, talk to him/her for his interest in any kind of sports. If they says yes then continue to develop his/her interest in that sport and if they say no than as a parent you have to develop his interest by making up a statement about your child’s hidden talent or you could encourage him/her to participate in extracurricular activities in their school. And if they do then you should attend that school event and support your child whether they win or lose.


Another important thing is that you should start acting as a cheerleader or a coach or a die hard fan of your child, by supporting him/her, telling him that how could you improve yourself and parsing his performance after the match or the competition. These are some important and effective points that will help you to develop interest or love for sports in your children.

You should have long conversations with your children and tell him about in the beginning phase that what is a good sportsmanship, you should aware your children that how will sports effect his/her lifestyle. He/she will stay fit, active and sharp in each and every field of his daily life, and if your child understands the concept of a good sportsmanship then he will every bit of playing sports.


One more important thing is that you have to focus on the performance of your child and show him unconditional support, encourage him to participate more and more in sporting events. And tell him that sports is not about just winning and losing, he should enjoy his sports rather making it any goal oriented.

You should take your child to the professional games or admit him in some sports academy so he could have a professional exposure and he could learn that how the professional players do it. Sports is an activity which a person can learn by practicing as well as watching.

And it is not compulsory that you maintain your child’s focus to just one game, let him try out different kind of sports and give him the opportunity to select the sports he want to play.

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