Published On: Sat, Dec 12th, 2015

How to differentiate between halal (lawful) and haram (prohibited) chicken



At the present people prefer chicken rather than mutton and beef especially young generation. Perhaps it is due to its taste and availability. People, living in rural areas, have the ability to differential the good and bad meat but the people who live in urban areas with maximum education, have not much knowledge to differentiate between the lawful and prohibited chicken.

But here we are giving you some research based clues to differentiate the good and bad chicken before cooking because it can affect your health.

Whenever you observe that the chicken is much in blue color instead of pink or light yellow then keeps it away from your cook pot. Because the chicken, which is cut according to proper Islamic ways, it is in light red or pink and yellow hues. The reason behind it is that when the chicken is cut with un-Islamic ways its blood does not release and freeze in the veins of the chicken while the chicken cuts according to Islamic ways it releases all the blood and becomes light red or pink and yellow.

The butchers or shopkeepers, who sell the chicken, they usually used to wash the bad or forbidden chicken for two reasons, first to eliminate all the blood which is freeze in the veins of the chicken and second to make the chicken heavy in weight for selling purposes and these are the corrupt ways to earn more money.

Same happens to the mutton and beef. Butchers, when cut the halal (lawful) animals, they put the pipe of water in the aorta of the animal which eliminate all the frozen blood and also make the meat-heavy which gives the shopkeepers or butchers more money.

These all the corrupt ways of earning and these people are playing with the health of the public so beware of these all tactics.


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