Published On: Sat, Apr 16th, 2016

How to get a tightlining effect



This is for all the ladies who wake up early in the morning questioning how to make their eyes gaze bigger, an innovative make-up process that has boosted up on the Internet and has been emerging as a fashion for 2016 and it is tightening. Occasionally, when you sketch a line on your eyelids, thinking it is ideal one but after some time, the line starts crumbling and creating your eyeliner gazing grubby. This new technique is used to keep it simple and ensure that your liner remains perfect for a long spell.

How to do it
clean your face perfectly and then dry. Keep in mind that there shouldn’t be any drops of water across your eyes. Then, use a compact on your eyelids to make the area dry and look fresh. Try to shun using foundation on this part. Then, get an eyeliner pencil and sketch a line amid the roots of your lashes, cautiously drawing it with your upper waterline.

The correct way to do it
Line your top waterline, to start by, lift your chin and put your index finger over the external curve of your eye, raising it up. Then grasp the pencil upright and with your other hand, draw back and forth below your lashes. Reiterate the procedure if you desire to make it darker.

Darken the roots of your top lashes
drag your apex lid softly by pushing one finger on the external curve. Cover the tip of the pencil yawning into your lashes at the external curve of your eyes, twisting it back and forth when you go in most. Take time when you are applying it and ensure that you do not harm yourself.
Highlight your bottom lashes
Grasp the pencil only under your internal edge (and not the waterline) and calmly rush the pencil accurate at the base of your lashes. If you want to darken the roots, it is significant to apply a cream-based or a gel-based liner.
Clean the area
To beautify your eyes and make them noticeable, sprint a pointed swab of cotton soaked in make-up remover or a cleanser with the top and bottom lids to plain any jumble.
Curl your lashes
To accomplished the gaze and have the wide-eyed influence, ensure that you take in a volumising mascara.

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