Published On: Thu, Mar 31st, 2016

How to maintain your skin’s health



Sun is much intense in summer and can gravely harm the skin. Much care is needed to shield not just the facial skin but the skin on the body, hair & nails as well.

Cleanliness is much significant all through summer. Take a shower as a minimum two to three times daily.

Apply an antifungal powder in the curves of the skin such as armpits, neck, groin, below the breasts (in woman) and webs of the toes particularly if you are donning up closed shoes.

Endeavor to wear open shoes to air the feet. The germs inclined to raise much all through the hot and humid weather of the summer season.

apply of a sunscreen when you are going to have the sun- exposure to get the minimal effects. The disparity in defense that you take from SPF (sun protection factor) 10 or SPF 60 is not above 2-3 %. Thus, latest research illustrates that a product with any SPF (sun protection factor) should be employed 2- 3 times a day still when you are at home or when the weather is cloudy. This cannot avert the tan, but will absolutely avert photo-ageing or sun harm (delay the ageing procedure).

Throughout summer because of too much sweating skin reduce its moisture. Thus moisturizing the skin is much significant with a few moisturizers, or dry the skin by spraying it with water. In taking abundance of liquids particularly water as a minimum 3 liters every day is vital.

There are some homes remedies which you can try
you can use cucumber juice or cotton wool pads saturated in rose water in the fridge to provide a cooling result on the facial skin by patting it on the face from some time.

You must wear sunglasses when ever going out the house.
Dark screen or filter must be set in cars to shun straight sunlight from the glass.



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