Published On: Thu, Apr 21st, 2016

How to Shop Online Safely in Pakistan



We have heard a lot about the fact that Pakistan is starting to experience a growth in the E-commerce industry. Whether it’s in the financial institutions like online banking, telecommunication services like Easy Paisa or the food industry like, we can see it everywhere.


Even though there is a large majority of people who prefer retail over online shopping, still Pakistani customer is opening up to the fact that there is another convenient option as well. Nobody has the time or the energy to go out and shop for one or two items. With exposure to social media and other forms of international marketing, Pakistanis are now aware of their options in regards to buying or even selling online. As it’s a relatively new concept compared to India and China, it’s not without a sense of skepticism, in terms of privacy and safety, among the consumers.


Big online shopping companies in Pakistan have managed to make a revolutionary mark in the market. and offer a vast array of imported and local products of thousands of clothing, accessories or electronic brands. Under a single platform, you can pick and choose through various options, in terms of quality, brand and price, according to your preferences. is also an online shopping website that offers a huge range of products from clothing to electronics and delivers across Pakistan. They also have an option for customer to buy from international online shopping portals like Amazon or Ebay, and they can get it delivered in Pakistan.


Some new online shopping ventures have also emerged recently. The most noticeable is Under the TCS umbrella, they also offer a range of clothing and electronic brands to the Pakistani customers.


Despite the emergence of many other online shopping websites, there is still an air of skepticism among the Pakistani customers towards online shopping. The most common reason is that they are not comfortable in providing their credit card information.  As a result of which most of the people prefer cash on delivery because they perceive it as secure and convenient.


They also feel that by ordering online there is a chance that they might not receive what they ordered in the first place, thus wasting their time and money.


In order to be 100% sure before making any online shopping decision in Pakistan, it is always helpful to keep few important things in mind. Read through the payment and exchange policies on the website very carefully. Always check the reviews of products offered on the website. These reviews maybe on their website or social media pages; it will help give you an overall impression of the quality of the products offered and their services. At the end, online shopping is harmless, as long as the company informs their customers of every step, from order confirmation till the time of delivery and feedback.


A new venture in the women’s fashion accessories industry is It is an online venture of Tesoro Accessories, where they offer women-centric products at affordable prices. It caters to the customer’s delivery skepticism by providing free delivery services with one of leading courier companies of Pakistan, They offer Cash on Delivery payment option. Unlike other major online shopping websites in Pakistan, They house their products hence ensuring excellent quality of their products.


Keeping to the slogan “the Woman’s Bazaar,” their online website is designed in a way that it projects a feminine touch to the online buying experience. With user friendly interface, women can get access to various premium quality women accessories like jewelry, handbags, clothes, lingerie and other categories.



So, among a sea of online shopping sites in Pakistan, where they cash on quantity over quality, is a breath of fresh air, especially for women. Guaranteed premium quality products and excellent after sales service is what defines

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