Published On: Sat, Apr 9th, 2016

How to understand a Teenager




With the lapse of time parents are getting more away from their children. The busy routines and the over use of technology has created a gap and this gap is being wider. Infancy is the age when kids want care but teenage demands to be understood. And perhaps it is the most difficult age to know them.

Time and again, psychotherapist Gloria Burrett says parents at her workshops to rapidly reorganize furniture, whereas concurrently pursuing numerous other instructions. A fun activity, this one generally consequences in giggles, however for Burrett, this confusion in fact signifies the brain of a teenager. By more like interactive activities, Burrett assists parents enter the world of adolescents. This time the theme is “how to be a better parent”

Her second workshop which is the part of Express Masterclass, Burrett’s sessions this time are intended for parents who has children aged between 11 and 17 years. Burrett states that “The workshops will help parents understand why adolescents behave the way they do; how and when to set boundaries; what to do when they don’t adhere to these boundaries; and how to connect to them,” The three-hour-long session will have parents involve in kinesthetic exercises, and be element of hypothetical scenarios to treat with daily problems with their teenagers.

Burrett is a specialized in integrative psychotherapist, who began her profession as a social worker with an NGO, prior to stirring to psychotherapy. She specializes in adolescent and family therapy. She states that “each teenager undergoes three development milestones: sexuality, identity and autonomy. Why this age appears most difficult to deal is for the reason that abruptly the parent feels insufficient, powerless. The goal is to make the parents understand why their autonomy is being questioned and how they can stop being an angry parent,”


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