Published On: Tue, Oct 27th, 2015

How Walking Dead blemished

How Walking Dead blemished

You ARE fantastic bummed out concerning what happened to Glenn in the series of Walking Dead. It didn’t occur, not the mode that you considered.

There’s a strapping condition of fans who suppose that Glenn continued to exist. What emerged to be an indubitable termination… and accept it as true or not, the squabble has mass. Did the makers of the show mislead us?

At this point there are a few of the causes why some fans imagine that Glenn isn’t dead to a certain extent:

  1. Let The Bodies Hit The Floor

When Nicholas fired himself in the skull, he drops onward onto Glenn, reasoning them both to collide on the ground. Nicholas falls exactly on the apex of Glenn. The theory set off that the walkers are cut up Nicholas’ chest separately, not Glenn’s. If you gaze at the scene, Glenn’s chest appears clumsily grasped up; it wouldn’t be discomfited if it wasn’t his chest, however. In addition, if you stare at the episode once more, you can observe both Glenn and Nicholas are tiring gray T-shirts — so the shirt color equals if it’s Nicholas receiving shabby to pieces in spite of Glenn.

  1. No Guts, No Glory

If we agreed to that Nicholas is the one who getting eaten, not Glenn. How does that give details that Glenn coming out from underneath all that walkers with his life unharmed? Fine, it wouldn’t be the initially Glenn’s applied spirit to pilot an army of zombies. We watched him executing that deception in the second episode of “Walking Dead.” What if Nick’s ripped-up leftovers supply Glenn with the concealment he requires to flee certain death?

  1. Down in the Dumps

Glenn has one more probably means to run away. Prior in the episode, we can see that there’s room to creep under the dumpster that Glenn and Nicholas close up on. In the last gaze at Glenn in the episode, he’s exactly after that to the dumpster, and it appears similar to the walkers are in taking Nicholas — not essentially Glenn. Completely feasible that he’s enclosed in guts, creeps beneath the dumpster, and linger on the circumstances out waiting for the store is obvious.

  1. He’s Not Done (With) “Talking”

When main characters die on “The Walking Dead,” they demonstrate up on “The Talking Dead.” That’s how it works. Steven Yeun did not come into view on “Talking Dead” this week to praise the fan-appealing pizza delivery man he cooperates for leaving on six years now. In advance, throughout the “Talking Dead” section giving honor to the episode’s lessened characters, Glenn never gets refer to — an obvious oversight, if nothing else, and really, it’s something else.

  1. It’s Not His Time

Glenn performs a serious task in a massively iconic flash since the “Walking Dead” comics that yet hasn’t occurred on the show. Decided, the TV series does not unquestioningly pursue the strikes of the comic books, but disregarding this instant would be like hashing Woodbury and Alexandria out of the story; you presently don’t do that. So, Glenn yet has few incomplete dealing on the table, if the show needs to hit a home run with one of the cause material’s biggest jaw-droppers.


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