Published On: Mon, Jul 4th, 2016

How walking meeting boost health at work place


How walking meeting boost health at work place

Have you ever organized a walking meeting at your office? If not then think about it once. Arrange a walking meeting this Monday, it will definitely maintain you and your colleagues (boss included), who spend a lot of their working hours sitting in chairs, fit.

A new research study has revealed that transferring only one seated meeting each week at work into a walking meeting elevated the job-pertaining physical action levels of workers by 10 minutes.

Alberto J Caban-Martinez, who is the leading author and assistant Professor at University of Miami in the US, stated that “Interventions such as the walking meeting protocol that encourages walking and raises levels of physical activity in the workplace are needed to counter the negative health effects of sedentary behavior,”

American Heart Association has suggested that almost 30 minutes a day or 150 minutes each week of reasonable-strength physical action in adults is very important for good health.

Caban-Martinez further stated that “There are limited opportunities for physical activity at work. This study provides early evidence that white-collar workers find it feasible and acceptable to convert a traditional seated meeting into a walking meeting,”

Preceding research studies have confirmed that involving in modest exercise, which elevates brisk walking, for as small as 15 minutes each day can combine to three years of life expectation.

The latest study, which is presented in the journal Preventing Chronic Disease, recommended that walking meetings have the capacity to optimistically persuade the health of numerous individuals, the researchers added.

In the research study, the contributors were employed from the University of Miami and wore accelerometers to gauge physical activity levels all through the workday more than a three-week period.

They furthermore pursued a “walking meeting protocol” that involved assistance for leading meetings and taking notes at the same time as walking.

The standard mixed modest/energetic physical activity reported by members increased from 107 minutes in the initial week to 114 minutes in the second week and to 117 minutes in week three of the research.


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