Published On: Fri, Oct 7th, 2016

How will sex in space be? An expert sheds light on the issue


How will sex in space be An expert sheds light on the issue

Experts say it will be difficult for men to get an erection due to irregular bloodflow.

Montreal: Fantasies about having sex at the weirdest places have been discussed at a lot of times and people have been caught doing it in parking lots, cars and beaches, as they have also managed to shock others present there and irk authorities.

As the world gears up for science fiction becoming reality, with extremely easy space travel being worked out, people are even talking about sex in space becoming a reality and how exactly it will be to have intercourse in microgravity.

Since NASA has banned married couples from space travel and all major space agencies call for astronauts to ‘maintain professional sex’ and abstain from colleagues in space, there is no evidence of them having sex in space.

But Professor Anja Geitmann, Dean of the Department of Plant Sciences at McGill University in Montreal, sheds light on the experience, as she says that partners should first maintain physical proximity since they can’t rely on gravity to push one on the other.

She also highlighted people should avoid hitting their head in obstacles or against each other’s since there is a high tendency of drifting away from each other. For precautions she told Daily Mail that, ‘The challenges are purely mechanical. Straps and a sleeping bag, or simply a confined space with soft walls might be all that’s necessary.’

But apart from the above mentioned factors, getting an erection might be a difficult task for men since blood circulation is affected and blood goes to the chest and head with no force to push it towards the lower parts.

Meanwhile porn website PornHub has announced that it will send performers aka ‘sextraunauts’ into space for recording the first ever porn movie in space.

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