Published On: Sat, May 28th, 2016

“How will you guys enjoy new yr. in Pakistan consistent with Islamic rules?”



“How will you guys enjoy new yr. in Pakistan consistent with Islamic rules?” an extremely learned German good friend of mine asked me previous New Year’s Eve in Sweden.

From the person well-versed ever sold and modern-day politics, the question needed me by delight.

I immediately wished to describe to him that not everything that occurs in Pakistan is associated with Islam, but I presented back.

The question reminded me of an Islamic bank, TV advertisements of Shariah-compliant products, Ramazan transmissions shown by several Pakistani Television channels and a great many other modern-day ostentatious spectacles which invariably pull faith into everything.

And I realized he was justified in requesting that probably.

As being a Muslim, due to many political, communal, and historical reasons, you can land up in the most absurd situations even if one is applicable good sense.

First, you are a woman always. Period. The lack of religious freedom generally in most Muslim societies helps it be hard for you to deviate from the written and unwritten guidelines of behaving in a ‘Muslim way.’

Quite ironically, the first is always a lady in Traditional western liberal societies as well, if he/she proclaims to be not-very-religious even, non-religious, or an outright atheist. They have a term for this: “ex-Muslims”.

One is likely to recall, delineate and enlighten the global world concerning how the first is Not-So-Muslim, having resulted from a Muslim backdrop.

Second, you have to confront bigots within the Muslim community, who are allergic to the term ‘reason’ — the type of folks who divide the entire world into us vs. them.

In a not dissimilar fashion, you have to confront bigots beyond your Muslim community also, who think Muslims bring the Quran in a single pocket and an AK-47 in the other — the type of folks who again split the planet in us vs. them. The irony is the fact both sorts of bigots feel that one is one of the rival school of bigots.

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Third, you have to put on with those naive international liberal friends, who feel that the beard, veil, FGM, misogyny and almost every obsolete worldview constitute Muslim culture, and they have been delivered to earth with the only real reason for defending it on Muslims.

In this respect, the liberal kept matches with the far-right and assumes that Muslims are designed a certain way falsely, and that universal human rights should not apply to them due to the real way they are.

Fourth, one — in both so-called Western and East — is often part of a full, yet minuscule “Muslim community”, because of multiculturalism and Pan-Islamism.

This imaginary “Muslim community” will color the diverse Muslim society with wide-ranging strokes of an individual entity. In this full case, all the activities of a person are gauged from the so-called “community” requirements, subsequently departing little room for personality and self-expression.

Fifth, you are represented by people that don’t appear to possess been handled by the changing times we reside in.

All Western capitals have mosques that are funded by some oil-rich Gulf Areas, preaching an extremely literal interpretation of Islam, which includes in some way become an agent of most Muslims in the sight of Western government authorities.

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Same applies to Muslim-majority countries — democratic or autocratic — where the parallel body of clergy-lay claim to symbolize the ‘spiritual aware of the policy’ — the ayatollahs in Iran, CII in Pakistan, in Egypt al-Azhar, not forgetting the muftis in KSA.

If one can be a common being who is convinced that incorrect is wrong, regardless of who commits it, the other is surely in big trouble.

Sixth, one is meant to feel apologetic for each and every and every battle crime hitherto dedicated by the United States Army to be regarded as ‘liberal’ for stressing on necessary introspection, hence automatically a US-ally in one’s local society.

Alternatively, is also likely to feel apologetic for each and every new atrocity perpetrated by the Is basically because — error an example may be dark brown and Muslim, remember?

Seventh and finally, an example may also be likely to know really what ‘the real’ Islam is and then describe it to an alien audience. Quite simply, make clear 1,500 years in three phrases.

It would probably take us decades to determine that Islam, like beliefs, is not a monolith, and there is no such thing as “the Islam.”

There can’t ever exist something as “finished.”, if it’s been there for 1,500 years and belongs to 1. 5 billion people inhabiting all the continents of the world.

My only dread is the fact that by enough time we reach to find out, we may have previously created “the Islam” inside our senseless quest for proving its living, and that may well not bode well for the world.

Jokingly, I replied to my good German friend:

“We eat the other person alive on the occasion of New Year.”


For a brief moment, he thought I had been serious. Then, on Easter day, I discovered a suicide bombing experienced wiped out a large number of children and ladies in Lahore. For a brief moment, I thought it was a tale.

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