Published On: Sat, Mar 5th, 2016

Human hair and nails can disclose their toxic secrets


Researchers have discovered by various researches that hair; toenails and fingernails is a simple way in providing to gauge how a large amount one is contacted to potentially injurious chemicals named flame retardants, which are commonly put to plastic, foam, wood and textiles.

Contact to flame retardants in a variety of types has been connected to fatness, learning disabilities, neuro and reproductive toxicity, and endocrine disruption.

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Amina Salamova, who is the researcher of the study from Indiana University Bloomington in the US, stated that “A few is recognized regarding the human contact to flame retardants, in particular new classes of the retardants,”

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Salamova further added that “The initial step is to set up a comparatively simple and consistent way of evaluating chemical levels in people, in particular children, and we have determined that hair and nails can give accurately that,”

From the beginning till present, researchers of the research study were depended on samples of human milk, blood and urine, and those samples are much hard to get than hair and nails.

To conduct the research study, which is cited in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, the researchers gathered hair, fingernails and toenails from 50 students in Bloomington and contrasted the levels of chemicals discovered in those samples with what was discovered in blood from the same people.

Salamova and other researchers of the research study discovered that there was a powerful relationship amid the levels of a huge cluster of flame retardants, the polybrominated diphenyl ethers or PBDEs, in hair and nails, on the one side, and those in serum, on the other side.

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