Published On: Fri, Sep 4th, 2015

#HumanityWashedAshore: Poignant Cartoons on Syrian Kid Aylan


A massive outrage seen across the world after the heart wrenching photos of drowned Syrian kid Aylan Kurdi, surfaced, whose body was found on Turkish sea shore after he got slipped from his father’s hand when the family tried to migrate to Greece on a crowded boat.

Father Abdullah Kurdi lost his two sons and wife in this tragedy who fall prey of refugees crisis in Europe and Arab World that are not allowing to host Syrian refugees.

Some meaningful rather poignant cartoons over these shattering photographs of 3 years old Aylan have gone viral  all over the world via twitter that says out the world’s sadness LOUD.

These cartoon depictions were posted with #HumanityWashedAshore hashtag.

Syrian Kid Aylan  1

Syrian Kid Aylan 2

Syrian Kid Aylan 3

Syrian Kid Aylan 4

Syrian Kid Aylan 6

Syrian Kid Aylan 5

Syrian Kid Aylan 7

Syrian Kid Aylan 8

Syrian Kid Aylan 9

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