Published On: Thu, Dec 10th, 2015

Humor on financial crises



It is much difficult to take the trouble on the lighter side and make a comedy film on national crises but The Big Short deal with it. The 2015 American biographical comedy-drama film, which released on Friday in New York and Los Angeles, describes the financial crisis that hit the US economy eight years ago.

The movie written and directed by Adam McKay and its cast includes English actor, Christian Bale, American actor and producer, Brad Pitt and American actor, comedian, director, producer and writer, Steve Carell. The film is based on the book, written in 2010, with the similar name of the same by Michael Lewis. It is all regarding the financial crisis of 2007–2010 by the build-up of the housing and credit bubble. It gives an idiosyncratic appearance at the mortgage-backed safety disaster that led to the US descending into collapse from 2007, and the money managers who bet in opposition to the fiscal might of the US economy. There is no concern with the short people.

The director of the movie said, “I wanted to show that it [the financial collapse] was more about a system than it was about individuals,” he further told, “We need banking. Banking is not, in essence, bad, but we just need not corrupt banking.”

He adapted fiscal journalist Michael Lewis’ best-selling book The Big Short, by taking spectators on a ridiculous voyage into the small understood world of elevated economic that led to the collapse and some 8.7 million Americans losing their jobs.

The film, The Big Short pursue actual life ‘shorts’, shareholders that bet next to growing stockpile and bond prices — represented by Bale, Pitt, Carell and Ryan Gosling.

The film released by Paramount Pictures.  51-year-old Pitt stated the movie is “a narrative that requires to be told for the reason that nothing has altered.

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