Published On: Sat, Jan 16th, 2016

Hydro-therapy can help in reducing pain


In this busy and hectic period of time, everyone wants relaxation by the easiest way and if you are thinking to relax your body with a new kind of therapy then try to give yourself care with hydro-therapy, and this includes using water for giving respite from pain.

Dr Ashish Davalbhakta, who is a founder of Pune-based Aesthetics Medispa, a cosmetic surgery, cosmetology and wellness centre stated that “The therapy encompasses a broad range of approaches and therapeutic methods that take advantage of the physical properties of water, such as temperature and pressure, for therapeutic purposes, to stimulate blood circulation and treat the symptoms of certain diseases,”

He further added that “Bath temperatures typically range from 33 degrees C to 36 degrees C, so as not to cause injury to the patients,”

There is a verity of Hydro-therapy which includes a series of methods and techniques, for example, water jets, underwater massage and mineral baths.

The jets shoot water at specific chakras on the body at particular time periods, refining and opening them.

Davalbhakta further cited that “Hydro-therapy seeks to produce vasodilation and vasoconstriction. These cause changes in blood flow and associated metabolic functions. The benefit of hydro-therapy is that it reduces muscle tension and pain, rehabilitates injured muscles, boosts the immune system, encourages detoxification and relives stress,”

There are some salts that are used for skin, for example, Sea salts and Epsom salts or magnesium sulfate, they both usually used in the beauty industry and they are also used because they hold minerals that can help in improving the skin. The magnesium in Epsom salts can decrease irritation whereas sulfates flush out toxins. This can help in rubbing, refreshing, cleansing and regenerating the skin.

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