Published On: Wed, Feb 24th, 2016

‘I am for Global peace and harmony’ says Saima Jamal, Calgary Greenway nomination candidate


Calgary Greenway is up for grabs and the race has begun, but who is worthy for such a tough and diverse constituency. One candidate, Saima Jamal who is in the nomination candidacy for the Liberals believes she is best for the role and knows the real problems of what Calgary Greenway is going through.

Speaking with Burhan Khan during an telephonic interview, Ms. Jamal said ‘she is for global peace and harmony,’ she added

if I am elected I will represent Calgary Greenway above and beyond colour, creed, and religion. My credentials are very impressive and it shows my community work I have travelled the world to make awareness about humanity love and peace,’


Saima Jamal winning the Community Leader Icon award at South Asian Xpress Excellence Awards 2015. Founder and Chief Editor, Shan Ali stands left to her.

She just won ‘Community Leader Icon’ at Express Media Awards in 2015. She is the first one to speak against the treatment of Native Aboriginal women abuse. When Mr. Khan asked that in the past she has shown her grievances towards Pakistan, she was surprised and said ‘how would I be against Pakistan? Half of my family live in Pakistan, my first cousins serves in Pakistan army and I have travelled all over Pakistan. I was the member of ‘Pakistan Students Society’ in 1998 and President of Pakistan Students Society in University of Calgary in 2000 I have lots of Pakistani friends along with other nationalities. She then went on to say,

I was the first to condemn terrorist attack in Army Public School and organized Candle Light Vigil for innocent Pakistani students at Army Public School.‘ She ended by saying that ‘I am not against any country, my message is peace and live and let live.’ 



Saima Jamal organized and mobilised everyone she knew and anyone who wanted to welcome newly Syrian refugees entering into Calgary at YYC International Airport.

There is no denying the amount of social activism and community work of what Saima Jamal has done and is capable of doing. Recently she has been rounding up her friends and community leaders to help newly Syrian refugees which have landed in Calgary.


Saima Jamal seen here at the warehouse where clothes, furniture, and basic necessities are mobilized to different homes of Syrian families. Ms. Jamal is far right sitting with friends and volunteers for quick picture.

She did this by acquiring a warehouse filled with clothes, furniture – anything you need to start a new life in Canada. All done with community leaders of different ethnic groups and hundreds of volunteers. This is unprecedented in Calgary. Saima Jamal is President of ‘Syrian Refugee Support Group’ an organization aimed to help and educate newly immigrated Syrians into Calgary.


Saima Jamal is President of ‘Syrian Refugee Support Group’ an organization aimed to help and educate newly immigrated Syrians into Calgary. This picture was taken at their warehouse with her in the middle along with her team and volunteers.


As the race for Calgary Greenway is far from being over it is tough to say which candidate is best fit or will gain the most votes. But one thing for certain is that Ms. Jamal will never stop lending a hand for others in need whatever the outcome may be for the upcoming elections.

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