Published On: Wed, Aug 10th, 2016

‘I want to kill off Muslims one by one': Photographer relates Islamophobia experience


'I want to kill off Muslims one by one' Photographer relates Islamophobia experience

Kabir Ahmed had to lie about his own name in order to escape the clutches of three angry, bigoted people in a Tumkur hotel.

Bengaluru: Bengaluru-based photographer Kabir Ahmed on Wednesday shared an incident on his Facebook account which could reveal a very worrying mindset among sections of Indian society.

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According to a report, Ahmed was at the receiving end of anti-Muslim hatred when he interacted with a few people at a hotel on Tumkur Road in Karnataka.

On his way back from Hampi, Ahmed stopped at the hotel to relieve himself, and was joined in the loo by three men. One of the men looked at him with ‘ utter disdain’ and asked him about the style of his beard. “No style, and all guru..i simply let it grow,” he responded. The guy didn’t stop at that and questioned him further about his beard.

Ahmed still tried to continue in his jocular vein, making up a story about wanting to go to ‘sanyaas’. Not satisfied, the man asked Ahmed his name, says the report. Ahmed, sensing the man’s mindset, replied that his name was Ragul – a Hindu name.

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Ahmed then asked the man why he was so angry. The response was shocking.

“He said because they have ruined everything and continue to, the bastards…and every time I see a Muslim, I want to beat them black and blue, without mercy…kill them off one by one. The two other men hanging around the mirror, vehemently agreed,” Ahmed said.

The photographer also thanked his stars that he could use the local language, Kannada. “I shudder to think what would have happened if it was someone, who didn’t speak it,” he wrote.

The photographer’s post has gone viral on social media, earning him a lot of sympathy. Many seem to be aghast that Ahmed had to lie about his name for the sake of his safety.

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