Published On: Sun, Feb 21st, 2016

IDRF Calgary sent 25 girls from Thar Sind to Karachi for health care and midwifery training


Speaking at  MOSAIC Family fun fair today on February 20,2016, Dr. Abdul Rehman Director of IDRF Calgary chapter shared a great news with the Kooza that Calgary IRDF Chapter collected the sum of $50,000.00 in order to send 25 girls to Karachi to receive proper training to fight THAR epidemic where early child birth, malnutrition and children deaths are spreading rapidly. He said the only way to control this unfortunate situation to train locals to get  knowledge of how to care for women’s health during and post pregnancy. Sending food and water is great idea, but it would not solve this epidemic and on going problem until we have proper trained staff who can monitor and educate women health and save a great nation of Thar, as Dr. Rehman explained.

Calgarians are known for their generosity and Dr. Rehman knows how to motivate people to come forward and help the needy. This time Dr. Rehman got IDRF involved with Indus Association Of Calgary. This association is lead by Mr. Amhar Memon. Indus organisation accomplishments in the past have been to installed 140 hand pumps and 12 water wells in 2014. You can find Mr. Memon at most Pakistani functions where he holds his stall and he sells traditional Sindhi artifacts and collects funds to help people of Thar. Indus Association Of Calgary and IDRF are teamed up with Abu Zar at Khoi village in Thar.

IDRF sent $50,000.00 and 50,000 were matched by the local people in Pakistan in order to send these 25 girls to Karachi and get trained and come back and help women of Thar. This is an action which will bring long lasting results. Calgary is proud of Dr. Rehman and his team along with Mr. Ahmar Memon to facilitate this project.


(Left to right) PCA President Habib Abdullah, Past President of MCFC Khalid Choudary, Indus Association of Calgary President Ahmer Memon, Dr. Abdul Rahman Director of IDRF Calgary




Mr. Ahmer Memon with his wife showcasing their collection of Thar artifacts at MOSAIC family fun fair

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