Published On: Sat, Aug 27th, 2016

‘I’m worse than an animal': Australian dad rapes teen girl, impregnates her


‘I’m worse than an animal': Father who got his own daughter pregnant at 14 during ‘years of incest’ sentenced to just 10 years in jail

  • Melbourne father pleaded guilty to sexually abusing his daughter 
  • The man got his daughter pregnant at the age of 14 after years of incest
  • He was sentenced to a minimum of 10 years in jail on Friday  

A Melbourne father who sexually abused his daughter and got her pregnant at the age of 14 has been sentenced to a minimum 10 years in jail.

The man was sentenced by a Victorian County Court judge on Friday.

The father, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had pleaded guilty to threatening his daughter with a knife and persistently sexually abusing a child under 16.


 The girl was nine at the time and had run away from her father after he began fondling her in a bedroom at the family home.

‘You grabbed a knife and threatened that you were going to stab her, and yelled at her that she should obey her father,’ said the judge.

After this incident, the father started having sex with his daughter, usually while she was home alone from school, or while her mother and siblings were not home.

He also forced her to watch pornographic films and repeat the film’s sexual acts on him.

When the man’s parents came to Australia in 2015 to visit him, he continued sexually abusing his daughter while his parents were in the house.

Last year, when she was 14, the girl began showing symptoms of pregnancy.

Her mother remarked that her daughter’s stomach was getting bigger.

‘You tried to persuade your wife that it was kidney stones, and told your daughter to drink more water,’ the judge said.


‘You blamed her for not eating and drinking enough.’

The mother took her daughter to a doctor, and an obstetrician confirmed the 14-year-old was 19 weeks pregnant.

The girl told her mother she had been repeatedly sexually abused by her father, and the mother left home with her children and went to police.

The daughter later had a late-stage termination of pregnancy.

When interviewed by police, the father admitted the sexual abuse.

‘You told police that what you did was sick,’ the judge said.

‘You said to them: I’m not a human being. I’m worse than an animal.’

The judge said the father had shown a complete disregard for his daughter’s humanity.

‘Your criminality represents the lowest depths of human depravity,’ she said.

‘You exploited and abused your position of power over your daughter.’

Courtesy: Daily Mail

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