Published On: Wed, Jul 8th, 2015

In Pictures: 5 Bollywood movies & their mistakes, you definitely missed out!!!



Here are the five famous Bollywood movies and their mistakes which you definitely missed out, while watching them.

1. PK: There is no Pakistani Embassy office in Bruges. And we can simply say to filmmaker ‘pk ho ka’.


2. Ra-One: In Shah Rukh Khan’s flick ‘Ra.One’, King Khan played the role of South Indian but was given a Christian funeral and in next scene his ashes was drowned in ganga’s water.


3. Krrish: In Hrithik Roshan’s blockbuster movie Krrish, Preity Zinta is pregnant for 2 years.

KR 3

4. Lagaan: Bollywood star Aamir Khan’s flick ‘Lagaan’ story revolves around the people of a small village in Victorian India stake and their future on a game of cricket against their ruthless British rulers. But in 1892, an over didn’t have 6 balls but in Lagaan it had.


5. Gunda: The movie ‘Gunda’ is an action, comedy and crime movie, but it’s actually quite funny, when you see Mithun Chakraborty dodges bullet by hiding behind a bicycle. Lol….



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