Published On: Wed, Jun 15th, 2016

Injectable diabetes drugs good for heart, kidney

Syringe with drugs for diabetes treatment

Syringe with drugs for diabetes treatment

A new research study has stated that an injectable drug — which is commonly employed to lower blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes — can as well decrease the danger of dying from heart disease and higher kidney disease.

The results illustrated that using liraglutide drug can securely and successfully reduce by 13 percent the in general peril of heart attack, stroke or cardiovascular death — that is the main reasons of mortality in people with Type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, liraglutide lessens the danger of cardiovascular mortality by 22 percent and the jeopardy of all-cause mortality by 15 percent. As well, it also reduces the danger of novel proof of highly developed kidney disease by 22 percent.

John Buse from the University of North Carolina in the US stated that “This is the first diabetes drug that has shown across-the-board benefits for cardiovascular diseases and this suggests it plays a role in treating atherosclerosis — which leads to heart attacks and strokes,”

Liraglutide function in the pancreas to arouse insulin secretion and decrease the creation of an anti-insulin hormone — which is recognized as glucagon — which elevates the possession of blood glucose. Liraglutide moreover works in the brain to decrease appetite and enlarge satiety — the sense of feeling full.

Type 2 Diabetes influences over 370 million people globally, the World Health Organization has reported.

To conduct the findings — which are presented in the New England Journal of Medicine — the team involved 9,340 adults with Type 2 diabetes who were at elevated danger of heart disease for a worldwide clinical trial that ended over three years. Almost half of the contributors were provided liraglutide and half were in the placebo group. Both groups of patients were prescribed medications to deal with related health issues — for example, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.


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