Published On: Thu, Aug 4th, 2016

Instagram’s new feature may just kill Snapchat


Instagram recently launched a new feature called ‘Stories’ that resembles Snapchat’s section with the same name.

In what seems to be a move to compete with instant image sharing service Snapchat, Instagram has added a new feature which lets users upload ‘stories’ and show followers what is happening in their lives.

This is extremely similar to Snapchat’s feature which surprisingly goes by the same name. User can make use of the pen annotation tool and common Instagram filters.

In fact, fans on Twitter have made hilarious comparisons in form of trolls and funny videos suggesting that Instagram blatantly copied Snapchat’s stories feature in a bid to compete with them.


  However, some other fans were kind enough to comment positively about the development and happily posted their first stories on the platform.  


‘With Instagram Stories, you don’t have to worry about over-posting,’ said a spokesman for Instagram. ‘Stories lets you share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile.’

The user has the option of either uploading for a temporary time period of 24 hours or as a permanent addition to their feed. The pictures, however, won’t completely vanish as Instagram will store the pictures and videos in their servers.

If you have automatic app updates enabled on your device then, you should be able to access this feature almost immediately. However, you can carry this out manually, if you don’t have the updated version.


News Source Deccan Chronicle

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