Published On: Fri, Sep 23rd, 2016

Is Google Allo better than WhatsApp?


Is Google Allo better than WhatsApp

WhatsApp has definitely improved drastically since it first came into the picture but it still lacks the integration that Google provides.

Google recently rolled out its new instant messaging app Allo in an effort to compete with similar apps. The new app has been touted by Google to be one of the most efficient chatting app, available on both Android and iOS platforms.

However, with so many instant messaging apps available for consumers including the likes of Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and WhatsApp, what chance does it have to overturn the Facebook-owned app with more than billion users?

Well, Google has definitely spiced up Allo with a slew of new features including AI support.  Here are a few smart elements that can help Google’s latest chatting become the next big thing after WhatsApp.

Smart assistant: Google Allo is not the regular chat app that lets you converse with friends; the chatting app includes Google Assistant. This feature can help you determine travel time from one place to another, check out the cheapest flights to a certain destination, and discounts. You can accomplish all this by typing @google followed by your question. The assistant feature automatically furnishes the details you ask for. Though WhatsApp offers a lot of features, AI is not yet one of its strong points.

More convenient: Often while chatting on WhatsApp, users share content on the net; however, looking for content requires users to keep close WhatsApp or keep it in the background, which is rather inconvenient. Using the new Allo app, users can just search for varied content by typing @google, followed by the content — song, video or text — they want to share. In times of hurry, this new facet will significantly help users in comparison to WhatsApp.

Automatic texts: Another significant advantage Allo has over WhatsApp is the automatic response feature; it can reply automatically on behalf of the user. This feature also improves with time as it utilises machine-learning technology. So the more you use it, the better it gets at sending replies, based on your conversations.  

Picture identification: The picture recognition feature on Google Allo allows it to recognise pictures and send replies accordingly. It might take a while to accurately identify the detailed pictures but simple ones like a lake, sunset or flower can be easily identified. It subsequently suggests replies to users based on the pictures.

Advanced formatting options: The formatting options of Google Allo have a range of creativity as compared to Facebook’s WhatsApp. You can change the size of the fonts easily by sliding the send button up and down. Apart from that, it has a wide variety of sticker collection and even allows users to doodle.

A fully integrated app: WhatsApp has definitely improved drastically since it first came into the picture but it still lacks the integration that Google provides. Same is the case with Allo; Google has incorporated a slew of smart features and added Google search functionality, making communication much easier.

Though WhatsApp is currently the undisputed champion among instant messaging apps, the smart features integrated to Allo might oust the popular chatting app in future.

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