Published On: Sat, Jun 18th, 2016

It’s Bieb-AHH! Justin takes an EPIC and embarrassing fall right off the end of the stage during gig in Canada


He recently ended up on the floor after brawling with a 6ft 5in man.

And Justin Bieber, 22, hit the deck once again on Thursday night when he fell off a walkway while performing in Saskatoon, Canada.

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The Sorry singer plummeted off the edge of the platform in between tracks, after he seemingly became distracted by his loose-fitting ensemble.

Justin Bieber falls off stage while performing in Canada

Fan footage of the incident emerged on Twitter and shows the pop star walking with his head down as he attempts to adjust the garment wrapped around his waist.

After making his way up a subtle slope on to the level stage, he proceeds to unintentionally walk straight over the edge – his arms flailing as he fell.

Justin recently poked fun at himself after he was involved in a violent altercation after watching game three of the NBA Finals in Cleveland, Ohio.

During a short clip posted to Instagram on Saturday, he brings up violence as he talks to a pal in the back seat of a car: ‘Is that a fighting video? Because fighting’s not cool.’

His pal, looking like a street smart fellow with a dose of common sense, then added, ‘That’s why you don’t take on 6ft5in guys.’ Justin then looks at the camera and smirks.

However, the day after the battle the singer took a cocky stance by posting a black-and-white pinup image with the caption: ‘Not a scratch on this pretty boy.’

Soon after, he deleted the post as followers did not react well to the attitude he was taking, with some even telling him he was not pretty.

According to Cleveland native Lamont Richmond – as reported by TMZ – things escalated when the fan asked Justin for an autograph for his girlfriends, while running into the star outside of the Westin hotel.

The group had reportedly chatted for a few minutes with no issue, before Lamont asked for the autographs/photos, after which Justin allegedly said: ‘no autographs tonight, motherf***er.’

A shoving match ensued and Justin threw a flurry of punches as the confrontation devolved into a brawl before the pair were restrained.

Lamont explained his side of things in a short video posted to Facebook, sharing: ‘I was with the girls. We just asked the d*** for an autograph.’

However, his version of events seems to have been contradicted by a photo showing Justin posing with a female fan outside the hotel moments before the fight.

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