Published On: Fri, Oct 7th, 2016

Jewan Hathi is a cross border project


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Jeewan Hathi is becoming so popular among many, not because it is filmed by the makers of Zinda Bhaag but it depicts two well known across the border actors Hina Dilpazeer and Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah.

The film is penned by Fasih Bari Khan and directed by Meenu Gaur and Farjad Nabi. The movie is segment of a Pak-India collaboration started by Zee Zindagi named Zeal for Unity, which connects 12 prolific filmmakers from across the borders to collaborate to make authorizing videos to display their enthusiasm for unity. The movies are then displayed at a variety of movie festivals.

This is a black comedy directed by Meenu and Farjad and highlights the comical business and consequent rat race adjacent TV ratings. Hina Dilpazeer is the famous star from comedy drama Bulbulay and experienced Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah, the cast also includes theatre star Fawad Khan, Samiya Mumtaz, Kiran Tabeer and Adnan Jaffer.

Though, what is astonishing is that this cross-border venture will not be showcased in Indian cinemas up till now, state the producers. (Nevertheless, it has been showcased at film festivals in India).

jewan hathi

It was inquired about Hina that whether this project impact relations between two countries and she replied “All us artists, who are related to creative works, our job isn’t to change anybody, our job is to ignite light in the darkness, in hopes that it may create light… we are just doing that,”

She further continued that “We ignite the light of our names, of our movies and expect that it is sufficient to pave a path. We’re not here to alter anything. We are just here to spread love.”

Reckoning that production houses across the globe must work jointly in combined projects across borders, Hina states that the ‘war’ created is just among politicians, not the common man.

She further added “I’ve lived a long time in Dubai and we had a lot of neighbors, who were Indians, but they used to welcome us with a lot of love, and we’d call them over with a lot of love. This [Pak-India friction] is not the common man’s war, this hatred is not the work of the common man, this is the politicians’ work and nothing else. Why would one God-fearing human hate another God-fearing human? There’s no reason.”

Jeewan Hathi is going to release in Pakistan on 2 Nov.


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